About Us

A mission based on your wellbeing

SolaVieve can boast a multi-faceted vision and approach to health and wellness, which enables our clients to benefit from a complete and comprehensive approach to their wellbeing.

Holistic Health

SolaVieve believes that in order to achieve an optimal and balanced state of wellbeing, it is necessary to consider every key dimension of health; the mental, physical, spiritual, social, environmental, and economic health dimensions are the core elements of its spirit. Finding a balance in which all dimensions are aligned with each other and with each person’s life goals is key to enjoying an overall state of wellbeing, since each dimension intersects with the others. 


SolaVieve’s vision of prevention focuses on improving lifestyle behaviors. This is because SolaVieve believes that lifestyle habits are greatly effective in preventing disease and boosting the immune system. Small everyday changes in individuals’ lifestyle can help achieve several long-term health benefits, as well as cultivate joy and happiness.

Integrative Solutions

At SolaVieve, the client is guided and supported by a collaborative team of health professionals with a holistic, preventive vision across many health disciplines, including western and eastern approaches. Our health professionals will provide clients with personalized solutions tailored to their needs.


SolaVieve believes its clients are the experts of their lives; the main goal is to enable them to notice how the connection of the six dimensions of health can benefit their overall health. SolaVieve offers them the key, but they are the ones who can open the door to unlock their wellbeing.

“Powered by SolaVieve” is our guarantee seal

At SolaVieve, we have an extensive international team of researchers and health practitioners who curate, develop, and deliver the most up-to-date and accurate information. We provide scientifically proven content, and we want to help our clients make wise decisions about their health based on facts, studies, and scientific research. Our team of professional researchers from a variety of health fields and renowned universities and institutions regularly analyze the most recent scientific information to determine how different attitudes, lifestyles, and choices influence the dimensions of a person’s health. In addition, our team evaluates the information provided by each user to validate the model and best adapt it to population profiles.

Our content is further honed and delivered through our global team of creators who regularly produce high-quality content for our clients. SolaVieve’s creators come from different backgrounds such as journalism, creative writing, design, translation, and marketing. However, they all share one thing in common: they’re passionate about holistic health. This passion is key for SolaVieve because it ensures that all creators bring out content that they too are interested in, inspired, and motivated by. We take great pride in our offerings and we want to ensure our clients are aware that they are receiving trustworthy high-quality content. Powered by SolaVieve.