+40 years

of experience providing best-in-class health solutions

+40 years

of experience providing 
best-in-class health solutions

SolaVieve is an advanced health and technology company focused on building communities around healthy and smart living. We are digitizing our 40+ years of experience providing best-in-class health solutions by deploying it through a set of advanced technologies. The stage to this process is the founder’s extensive involvement in one of the world’s most successful health & wellness companies, Canyon Ranch.

Our strive for excellence has led us to crystallize our extensive experience by enhancing it through technological innovation: our high return social impact model has a long track record of outperforming the market and accelerating during recessionary periods due to being a product of need, as well as want.

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Our Vision

SolaVieve’s vision is holistic, preventive, and integrative. We focus on offering lifestyle health solutions in alignment with the key dimensions of health.







Behind SolaVieve’s services, there’s an experienced team that includes practitioners, researchers, content creators, and technologists, whose collaborative work aims to provide clients with a unique high-quality experience. Thanks to the outstanding creativity of our content creators who regularly produce engaging, inspiring, and educating content, we guide you on the most up-to-date health information.

Likewise, our integrative and international team of health practitioners educate, motivate, and empower our clients to enhance their health and wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach to all aspects of holistic health and values are mirrored in our team and services in order to achieve sustainable healthy living worldwide.

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