Digital Solutions

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We are digitizing our 40 plus years of experience providing best-in-class health solutions by deploying it through a set of advanced technologies. Our solution is a digital health platform that combines artificial intelligence, telehealth, online courses, and social networking technologies.  Our platform will deliver an array of health services, products, and content – offering our users holistic, personalized, and prevention-focused lifestyle solutions to achieve sustainable healthy living. 

Hundreds of millions worldwide suffer from preventable diseases due to unhealthy living, with weakened immune systems that greatly increase their health risk to communicable diseases such as COVID-19. 

Holisticly - Preventive Health App

Holisticly is our state-of-the-art digital health platform that addresses the global health crisis by providing personalized, affordable health and wellness offerings – focusing on prevention through lifestyle and empowering behavior change. 

Holisticly is integrating all health determinants to service the whole-person and boost the immune system. The platform will offer 24/7 access to our virtual coach, live practitioners, courses, and community.

The Wellbeing Quotient WQ™

The WQ  is our progressive and scientifically formulated assessment that measures a person´s health status from a whole-person perspective – creating an evolutionary leap above the IQ and EQ tests. Six dimensions of health are evaluated in depth to determine valuable insights and areas of improvement through lifestyle modifications.