Our Products

SolaVieve’s progressive telehealth application combines artificial intelligence and telemedicine. Holisticly provides individuals with both free and affordable solutions that are personalized and practical, addressing inspiration derived from Academly, insights from the WQ, and beyond. Through Holisticly, clients can benefit from live consultations with an integrated team of health practitioners, as well as virtual coaching with Holi: SolaVieve’s state-of-the-art virtual coach. Equipped with decades of experience across the health spectrum, Holi is waiting with open arms to offer prevention-focused lifestyle solutions 24/7 to clients worldwide.

A key step to adopting a balanced and healthy lifestyle is gaining awareness of where individuals are on their health journey. The WQ is SolaVieve’s progressive and scientifically formulated assessment that measures health from a whole-person perspective. The WQ’s formulation and algorithms are based on extensive research into over 200 scientific studies, while continuously being further parameterized with new data in order to generate a valid and representative test. The WQ allows individuals to have a fully personalized look into their health, highlighting key areas for improvement while offering hands-on advice about how they can advance their health journey.

This is SolaVieve’s universe of holistic health and wellness content to increase health literacy and drive inspiration worldwide. An international team of experienced creators, researchers, and health practitioners work closely to bring individuals high-quality, well-researched content that can help expand their knowledge about different aspects of holistic, preventive, and integrative health. In Academly, you can also find narratives from people who share their experiences, as well as conversations with experts. From articles to podcasts and videos, Academly offers unparalleled content for sustainable healthy living.