Physical Operations

A Progressive Model

We design, develop, and operate highly profitable and transformative health and wellness properties – resorts, hotels, living communities, clubs and clinics. We specialize in the convergence of five industries: healthcare, wellness, hospitality, technology, and real estate.  Orchestrating the vast array of market intricacies and consumer interests, capabilities, and demographics—coupled with a diversified and passionate staff-base—is a complex endeavor for which we have honed our skills and developed best practices over the past four decades.

Our Experiences

We operate well-beyond traditional hospitality revenue streams and healthcare models by designing and executing our environments to achieve 100% guest participation in a wide array and ever-evolving suite of health and wellness offerings, while also building experiences around products to drive sales. 

To maximize guest spend and revenue per room, we create a personalized, all-inclusive, and transaction-less environment that enables guests to freely and safely explore offerings based on inspiration, referrals, and changing interests.

Our Spaces

We design well-appointed spaces that perfectly combine form and function. Energy centers, collaboration zones, sanctuaries, and so on are all modeled and woven into the programmatic experience. 

Like a university, subcultures abound throughout the property, such as exercise enthusiasts, food lovers, spiritual seekers, and creatives.  Physical spaces for each interest group have their own design guidelines to ensure they are authentically represented, while remaining interconnected with the whole of the operation.

Our Culture

We establish mission-driven, collaborative, and innovative cultures of diversified staff who receive from us the three hallmarks of motivation: purpose, mastery, and autonomy. 

We achieve whole systems integration throughout the operation, where physicians work hand in hand with spiritual healers, physiologists with nutritionists, psychologists with body healers, technologists with marketers, and so on. This enriched atmosphere is focused on engaging and servicing the guests and homeowners at a deep, transformative level, while enabling our staff to to advance their own health and wellbeing through taking our services and using our facilities.